Thursday, October 7, 2010

Animated Display Advertising - An Alternative to Book Teasers

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This ad was first designed on Photoshop for the artwork, then transferred to Adobe Image Ready for the animation process, which turned out pretty good, I think. I just wanted to post an example of another way, other than book teasers, to advertise and promote your book if you can't afford Oprah's $50,000 minimum starting price to advertise on her website. Fifty grand for an ad like this? I really thought about the effectiveness of such an ad on Oprah's Book Club page, and the more I think about it, the better it sounds. While 50k is a huge amount for an independent author to plunk down, it just might pay off if your book is strong enough. It just might be what your book needs to take off in a big way. 

Check out a recent ad placed on Oprah's Book Club Page by the Penguin Group for Ken Follett's new book, Fall of Giants (sounds like a winner) touted as, "the book of the century" by Penguin. Something tells me that he's going to get good mileage out of this ad. seems like a great place to advertise if you can afford the astronomical price tag since her variety of book clubs have so much to offer, you really can't go wrong.

I like Follett, although his writing is a bit bland for my taste. He admittedly writes in very plain language without metaphors or any sort of literary flair, which means that his plots and characters must be very strong to carry the story throughout. Most, if not all his work is based on "high concept" structure, which is probably the most important thing that will lead you to publication, especially these days.

You simply must have a highly commercial and marketable script if you want agents to take you seriously. Nothing else will do, unless you're already an established writer, that is. I'm still tinkering with my opening pages and getting closer to what just might work.

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