Sunday, August 10, 2014

BOOK TANGO - Dreams of Happy Endings - Are You Ready To Take The Plunge?

Over the summer, I'd been working on a 5 book series titled, Layers of Veronica for Emilia Rutigliano and came up with this video for her 4th book, GAJAH.

I love the music she chose, and looking back, I would have liked to show more Tango scenes with flashier image cuts, but either way, I think we pulled off an interesting video that showcases elements of her story in a memorable way that appeals to readers. And once you get readers hooked on a video, you're much closer to a sale.

The trick is to hint, but not to give away the most important parts of your story. That's where the tease comes in and where the sale really begins. And sales is what it's all about for the most part. Because aside from telling part of a story, good book videos also enhance an author's platform, can lead to more exposure, and boost credibility. All that in about 90 seconds.

Book videos, when done right, offer plenty of advantages to authors, but the video's main goal of course, is to sell your book, although, that's something that no one has complete control over. Many obstacles inhibit sales and so the objective of the video is to flick on as many green lights as possible and eliminate all the red lights along the way.

Dreams are inspiring, but you have to take action too!

I like this analogy because a sale that comes full-circle begins with a series of green lights, starting with reader's initial contact with your book, right down to when they click the Buy Now button and become a bona-fide customer, no red lights that stop a sale dead in its tracks. Red lights include, poor cover design, price points that are too high or too low, too many bad reviews, vague opening chapter, boring lead character, etc.

All this, providing that quick shipping and customer satisfaction with the story is also in place. Now those are two factors that are certainly beyond your control, although some book reviews could make mention of them.

And you thought a sale was all good news, but not all sales have happy endings. Although, most sales are final and end happily, you must do everything within your power up front to make sure customers are happy with their purchase so they can purchase again, recommend your book, or even better, look forward to your next book.

So you see, the sales cycle is never-ending. It's like that commercial, "Put good in, get good out." Then again, the "good" you put in is subjective, so you never really know what to expect.

So, is there a silver lining to anything about writing and selling books?

Take The Plunge!
 Yes and Maybe. Everything depends on everything else. It's a Tango, after all. A crap shoot. What can you expect? No one really knows. Isn't that what Hollywood executives say about making movies?

Which is why Hollywood relies on bestselling books for the most part. They don't take any chances on their 50 to 100 million dollar film investments and scout for bestselling books that gauge mass appeal and predict ticket sales.

That's great motivation for novelists. Write a bestselling book, and reap the rewards of hopefully optioning your story for a movie script, which actually gets made, which in turn will sell even more books.

Dream on, folks. Really, dream on, because it's happened to many authors, and it certainly can happen to you.

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