Monday, July 27, 2015

WOLF WINTER by Cecilia Ekback - Great Story, Awesome Book Trailer


Sometimes you come across a book and a trailer that seduces you. This happens to be one of those books and one of those trailers. Everything about this trailer, the book cover, its title, its color, is quite effective and eye-catching. 

Turns out this is a debut novel and a good one at that. My main purpose for posting it here is to show how a simple video can help promote your book when done at this level. Whether it was intentional or not, I don't know, but all that white space helps this trailer stand out among the sea of dark trailers.
Its title is very curious and the imagery of the lone woman in the midst of this frozen forest tells a story all by itself. The artwork is actually somewhat reminiscent of Tinkers, by Paul Harding.

Wolf Winter's premise is simply stated with text against a snowy backdrop along with a haunting soundtrack that gets in your blood and draws you into this forest and into this wintery world.  It really sets the mood and the atmosphere and you know you're in for a good read.

Notice the opening of this trailer and how it isolates you with the haunting sound of the wind and snow. How they superimposed the text and panned to different POV's, leading to a close-up of the cover. Very effective visuals that inspire readers to keep searching for everything about this book, its story, and its author. It's a chase that does not disappoint.

Congratulations to Ms. Ekback and her wonderful debut novel. I discovered it a bit late on YouTube, but her publishers have served her well. I look forward to her next book.

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